Interstate Container Transport

Transmech provides interstate container transport Australia wide. Whether you pack/self load the containers, have your own container that is packed and ready to go, or you require to hire a container for your big move, we have the solutions for you.

Whilst using our own trucks including Tilt Trays and Side Loaders as well as rail, we can get the lowest price possible to make your move a less stressful one. Our services are door to door and we provide you with detailed information on where your container is throughout its journey.

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Service One

We offer an empty 20ft shipping container delivery via tilt tray and then after the customer has loaded their containers, we can transport it. The most common way of transport is via tilt tray on 20 ft containers.

Service Two

Once the 20ft container/s are loaded, we will collect or deliver via larger tilt tray that can carry up to 9.5 ton. Anything over that a 40ft sideloader is required.

Service Three

A 40ft container is lifted and offloaded on a sideloader as seen above. It ONLY lifts off the driver side. This needs to be taken into consideration when trying to plan a move. These trucks are designed to drive on bitumen roads so when the driveway is angled and not bitumen, it needs to be brought to our attention. This way we can then ask questions and assess the site via photos and Google maps. Should you have any questions, please drop us an email or text and we will reply promptly to give you advise. Access is also another matter.


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